Tuesday, September 14, 2004

About DiamondBack

It is understood that Borland is putting more and more effort on making single IDE for Win32 application and .NET application, but I came to know Diamodback(Delphi 9) is also going to support C# as well. This is great news. Also, I got some more info on Diamondback from Nick's Delphi Blog. According to Nick, Delphi 9 will have Refactoring tool, Unit testing tool, enhanced HTML desinger etc. Also, there will be tight integration between IDE and Starteam. Also, it will have Web Deployment Manager to deploy ASP.NET application. Isn't it GREAT? I wonder when Borland gonna release this great software. By the way, congratulation to Nick on getting 2004 Spirit of Delphi award. :-)

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