Monday, November 29, 2004

First impression of Delphi 2005

Last week, I downloaded trial version of Delphi 2005 and played little bit. I must say, this is the version of Delphi everybody was waiting for long time. With multiple personality, it supports Delphi.NET, Win32 application and even C#. I was only able to explore ASP.NET part of it and everything work fine. I opened my Delphi 8 project 'worklog application' in Delphi 2005 and compiled. No problem! everything went smoothly. Also, tried opening and compiling my old Delphi 7 Win32 project in it. Worked find. I even tried refactoring tool in this project. Greate feature! Again, opened C# project written in C# Builder. Worked fine again! What to say now? I read few post about bugs in Delphi 2005 but couldn't reporduced any of them in my machine. I need to explore so many things in this version. Let's see how many bugs I will find. ;-)

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