Thursday, May 26, 2005

Experiencing 'Chrome'!

If you know (Object) Pascal very well and you want to do some .NET programming using VS.NET, you must try RemObjects Chrome. I am currently evaluating Chrome with VS.NET 2003 and I find it very interesting. It introduced some new keywords and some new language features. Being a Delphi developer, I didn't have any problem creating sample application in Chrome. I tested with very small Chrome Class Library and Chrome Windows Application. It was really nice to see that I can have C# project and Chrome projects in single VS.NET solution. Also, everything worked perfectly when using Chrome made Assembly in C# Windows Application. I will be testing Chrome with more ASP.NET as I am really not interested in WinForm application. Not to forget that Chrome also supports Mono platform. In my opinion, this is another best thing after Delphi 2005.

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