Saturday, April 07, 2012

Cleanup Mac OS X Lion Launchpad

I've been using Mac OS X Lion for a while and I learned a lot about this operating system. One of best features of Lion is a Launchpad. Basically, Launchpad show all the applications that are installed in the Applications folder. Whenever you make an Alias of any application, Launchpad shows duplicate icon of the same application. It continues to show the duplicate icon even if you delete or move the alias. However, surprisingly enough, there is no way that you can delete the icon from Launchpad.

In such case, the only way you can clean-up Launchpad by resetting it and restoring in it's original state as mentioned below. You will however loose all your previous setting like folders etc in Launchpad.
  • Fire up a Terminal window and go to your home folder if you are not already in it. (This can be done by the command $ cd ~)
  • Go to Library/Application Support/Dock folder.
  • Trash all the .db files.
  • Restart the dock using killall -KILL Dock (command is case sensitive)

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