Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Got Married

It's been more than month since I last posted in this blog. I was away from computer and busy getting married. Finally, I got married on Jan 22nd with my girl friend Sajana. We have been together for last 4 years. Just after the week of marriage, when we were leaving on our honeymoon, there was an incident in Nepal. King took over and everything was shut down. We were totally cut off from outside world. It took 7 days to restore communication. Life was really painful when telephone, Internet were not working. Still, mobile phones and wireless communication are not working. When everything worked, it was too late for our honeymoon. We both resumed our job already. Now, life is normal, at least in Kathmandu and we are planning for our honeymoon. ;-)


Gloria said...


Wish you have sweet time with your wife every day!

mILAN said...

Thanks, Gloria