Friday, February 25, 2005

My project on

When Delphi 8 came out, I was really excited to build small project in ASP.NET in it. I decided to make small application to keep track of developer's time. So, after a month, initial version of my first ASP.NET application, WorkLog Application, is ready to use. At first, I didn't have clue, how to start project in this 8th version of Delphi, because it is only for .NET framework. Eventhough I've been using Delphi for years, my experience is only with Win32 application development. I then found very good demo application of Delphi 8 in About Delphi Programming site. After downloading BDSWebExample and studing it's code, everything is clear to me. Also, not to forget, there are some good articles on same site for Delphi for .NET. Again, I used to read Borland's newgroup for more information on Delphi 8. After starting my project, I started finding problem with some objects. I didn't have any book and inforamtion on is very limited. So, I started looking into .NET framework help file. Although all the examples are in C# or VB.NET, I was able to translet them for Delphi. So, there is no more problem for reference anymore. While developing this project, I wanted to try something else. First of all, I wanted to try assembly written in C#. So, I wrote some routines in C# Builder and made an assembly. I successfully used all the routines defined in that assembly. Second, I wanted to try third party component in my application. At the same time I was looking for popup calender for reporting. I found this great control called Calendar Popup and succesfully used it. Finally, I've decided to put this project in public domain so that other can get idea on how to do Delphi in .NET. You can find more information on this project from it's homepage. You can download latest version from here.

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