Friday, April 01, 2005

Bye Bye 'VB'

Although VB guys are asking for Microsoft to support VB6, I am sure that this is not going to happen. The problem is that, VB guys don't know and can't do OOP, that's why they are asking for VB6. I personally define VB as power tool, not RAD, not programming tool. Based on Microsoft's flop technology, ActiveX, it is just a tool to create windows application faster. Anyone can make windows application without any programming background. And I think most of the VB guys fall in this category. I don't even like to call those people 'developer'. The question is 'Why those people are asking for VB6 support?', 'Why don't they just go ahead and learn VB.NET'? The answer is simple. They just can't learn OOP. They never knew what is OOP. Learning new thing, specially OOP, is toooo hard for them. It is understood that VB.NET is nowhere close to VB. Although language structure and keywords are same as VB6, but VB.NET is superior and powerful. I don't understand, how in the world Microsoft thought that VB guys can migrate to VB.NET? I don't think those people can migrate to Delphi as well. Although Delphi is easier to learn, it is still based on true OO language, Object Pascal. For VB guys, it doesn't matter what language they are going to migrate. What really matters is, they are used to play with non-OOP. Migrating to Delphi ain't easy for them. Understanding VCL is not a child's play. They will never know why Delphi is superior than VB. They will never understand why VB can't make single EXE, Why Delphi is called true 'RAD'! I used to show to my friends 'what Delphi can do'. They keep asking me 'if Delphi can make single EXE, no runtime, why Microsoft can't do this with VB?' They added 'Delphi is also producing application for Windows as VB does.' I used to answer them 'If you have your house to be built strong, it's foundation must be strong.' That's what Borland did. Unlike Microsoft, Borland didn't leave its user nowhere. Current version of Delphi, 2005, still supports Win 32 application development. Where would all those VB guys go if they want to do Win32 stuff? Use same 4 or 5 yrs old VB6? It is sure that Win32 gonna live more. People still prefer Win32 application than .NET's Winform application, because it needs .NET runtime to be installed, which is huge download. More, Delphi now supports .NET application development, either Winform or ASP.NET. Delphi developers who want to learn .NET just have to learn about framework. Although Microsoft is large fish, but they should not under estimate medium fish. :-)

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