Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Back again

I don't believe that it's been almost 7 months since my last post here. Anyway, lot of things happened in 7 months of time. During this time, I was given more responsibilities in the office. I am now part of a team which is responsible for auditing CMMI implementation. Also, I joined EMBA and my classes started from Feb 17th. We created a group in Google to share information regarding course materials and other stuffs. I am the manager of that group. After joining EMBA, I am feeling young again :-). I remember my collage day and enjoying a lot with new friends there. Most importantly, I now don't have time to watch TV or movies. I have to attend the classes on Saturdays. Although we also have classes on Sundays, it's only in the evening. Thank God. I did not have enough time to spend on photography, so I decided to sell my camera. I will probably save some money and go for dSLR in the near future. ;-) Bought a laptop recently. Now I don't have money for new camera. Damn! These days I am totally into management business. Haven't had chance to look into technical things and feeling myself way to far from the latest development in technology. The only thing I should be focusing now is 'Time Managment'. I sometime feel guilty for not giving enough time to my family. I hope Google will help me finding something from which I can learn to manage my time efficiently.

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