Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Some useful tools for Delphi developers

I was always fascinated by the tools that are available to .NET developers which help to increase the productivity, like unit testing framework (NUnit), documenation tool and automated build tool (NANT). So, I started looking for same for Delphi. Starting with the documentation tool, I tried few applications but not so promising. Lastly I found DelphiCodeToDoc and it worked well for me. Though there are few bugs, but the tool is great and it supports JavaDoc style documentation. Again, I found that the author of this application is offering a template for GExperts. Tried that and worked well. Next target was unit testing framework. The only one framework I found was DUnit. Also tried this tool and worked very well for me. Finally, I started searching for automated build tool for Delphi application. The one I tried was WANT. Due to the poor documentation, I was forced to learn the whole building process from ANT website and looking into WANT's own build script. In a few hours, I was able to write a script to build my first test application including unit test with DUnit. Super cool. Somebody said "Sky is the limit". Very true. Since my last unit test used GUIRunner, I wanted to try something with console. Could not find a clue how to do that. Well, after going through the build script of WANT again and again, I noticed that we need to create a DLL version of test application. Tried it and worked well. I will try explain this process in detail in my next post.

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